Over the past 10 years, Facebook has become one of the most useful tools for business owners. Whether it be updating customers on general information regarding your business, or advertising a promotion: this platform can do it all. Businesses can gain an immense amount of exposure through different marketing techniques, including one of the most effective ads, Facebook lead ads.

Facebook lead ads are interactive advertisements that collect prospective customer information directly from mobile ads. This kind of ad is often compared to filling out a form because you are gaining contact information on who your prospective customer is, but it is only snippets of info that you need for the type of action that is being called for, such as a name and phone number. You can find more ideas for how to utilize lead ads here.

This new approach consists of many different types of information that you can gain from your customer. One example is having an ad that directly signs up the Facebook user to receive your newsletter via their email. More importantly, this process is hassle-free. All your customer has to do is click on the prompt, fill in the necessary information if it isn’t already completed, and they are done! Your potential customer has already had a great experience with your business, and they haven’t even bought a product yet! Not sure where to start? Start with MooCow Creative and a social media campaign!