Are you committed to seeing your business succeed? Then it’s time to let go of the traditional business card and upgrade to a website! Yes, business cards are indeed a great way to market your business. However, research shows that 88% of business cards end up in the garbage. 

A functional website is the best way to establish a credible online presence. This will help you keep a lasting relationship with your audience. A well-designed website also allows you to introduce your product, tell your brand’s story and plan practical marketing activities.

Having a professional-looking website can elevate your business in a highly competitive market. On the other hand, not having a website may lead to losing customers and revenue. Whether you’re convinced to go digital or use a physical card, keep reading. 

This article explains why your corporate website is so much more important than any paper card ever could be.

1. Affordable Promotion & Marketing

To advertise your business, you need to produce different kinds of promotional texts. For example, flyers, brochures, and coupons. There are various costs involved in printing flyers and brochures, including costs of ink, design, and the card’s price.

Moreover, the design may need to be changed again, which will add several additional costs to the process.

But you can reach a large audience when you advertise through a website; many of those are likely to be interested in your services and products. Moreover, you can offer exciting discounts on your webpage with a simple link. Online marketing through a website makes it easier for customers to keep coming back for more. 

2. Constant Updates

You’re stuck with printed information with business cards. When you relocate or change your phone number, you will need to order new business cards to update your contact information. In addition, you can only add a few lines of information on your business cards, such as your social media handles, products and services, and slogans.

However, you can continuously improve the content and information on your website. You can instantly make edits, delete outdated information, and update your contact information whenever you want. Your website also gives you room for creativity and imagination to show off your brand in the best possible way.

3. Brand Awareness

Having a business card makes it harder for you to interact with customers regularly and spread brand awareness among your target audience. At that point, only you can increase sales volumes and grow your business. 

On the other hand, a website lets you include a brief summary of your company, a FAQ section, a feedback form, or a contact form that helps you gain a better overview of your business. A well-designed website provides you with access to shareholders and individuals who can assist in growing the business too.

4. Credibility & Authority

Credibility is another reason your website is more important than your business card. The online perception of your business comes from your website. You can directly correlate the credibility of your website with your bottom line and sales growth. Therefore, increasing the credibility of your website is one of the most important things you can do.

A prospective customer will often go straight to your website to check services and general information first. If a prospect finds your website via a search engine, directory, or social media, they would want to make sure your website is credible and trustworthy. 

The credibility of your website depends on search engines crawling and indexing it. Therefore, one factor that affects the website’s credibility is how the search engines perceive it. 

Aside from social proof, it’s also important to show that people are using and approving your website, such as reviews, citations, and backlinks from other sites.  Citations and backlinks from other websites are exactly why a website is also more “authentic” than a social page.

5. Acquiring Instant Feedback

It is essential to get feedback from customers to refine your products and improve your services. Getting such feedback and acting on it is critical to your company’s growth and long-term success. Your brand value and brand image improve once you do this because people get the impression that your business values the opinions of its customers.

Brands can collect this essential feedback by setting up sections for comments and product reviews under every product and service they provide on their website. In addition to this, your online presence encourages people to share their opinions by offering a testimonial page and a feedback form. 

A business card cannot provide this type of interaction. It is often easier to comment or submit a review than to verbally relay feedback to clients who only have a business card as a point of contact.

How to Create a Business Website Quickly (On a Budget)

As we learned above, a website is a necessity for a business to succeed in these technological times. But, the potential time and cost investment can hold you back from launching such a project. 

Building a website from scratch can indeed be expensive and time-consuming. However, a small budget doesn’t mean you cannot launch a professional website quickly.

Even if you aren’t a web developer, you can still create stylish websites with a website builder. For example, WP Website Builder is a web-building tool you can use to build a business website in hours – even if you’ve never coded before. 

In addition, your new business site doesn’t need a lot of complicated features, which makes website builders ideal for the task.

Your Website vs. Your Business Card: Wrapping Up

As we mentioned above, creating a website is an investment that provides multiple benefits for both you and your company. First, it is your real estate in the digital age, where you can find your business in search results. Second, you can connect with others by having a website, telling your story, and leaving a lasting impression on them.

Making sure your website building is done correctly is crucial. Today, people rely more and more on searching for services online instead of on business cards.

Moocow Creative is here to help with all of the essential elements of your website. Contact us if you need help designing your business website or if you don’t want to spend your time learning and staying on top of the changes on the internet. 

Our goal is to create a website that converts visitors into customers and earns profits for you.