If you are still agonizing over whether or not you need a website redesign, we have the definitive solution for you. These days, every brand has a website, and every part of their digital (and even print) campaign leads to it. But here’s the catch, improving your business isn’t just about grabbing people’s attention.

There’s no doubt that traffic is an asset. The thing is, keeping visitors on the page and converting them is an entirely different matter. A perfectly done website redesign can help you with your brand’s first impression on potential customers or partners and ensure that they will not leave you empty-handed. Apart from the beauty of the sight, here are seven unparalleled benefits of redesigning your website:

Gain & Sustain a Competitive Advantage for Your Business

We all love shiny things. Perhaps you can trace this back to our childhood. Whether it was a shiny new toy or a sweet brand-new ride, having the latest and greatest always brought a lot of attention to the lucky owner. A sleek new website is just that flashy, shiny thing that draws eyes away from your competitors and straight into your shopping cart.

But that’s not all: every brand strives to develop industry-leading solutions that consumers want. You’ll never have a monopoly over innovation and evolution, and you cannot stop new ideas from coming to the world. So having a website is necessary, but it’s the continuous redesign, updating, and inspiration from recent trends that will give you a competitive edge.

Visual Cues Matter

You may decide to read a book to see what the author is trying to say, but before that, you will undoubtedly judge it by its cover! That’s a no-brainer! We instinctively use visual cues to understand what is around us. And this so-called ‘first impression’ is probably a good thing, because it keeps us going!

If you have a website, use visual cues, and again, people will judge. And that first judgment will determine whether they stay on your site or leave. How long do you think it takes them to decide? About 50 milliseconds, or 0.05 seconds! A professional website redesign will ensure that the colors, images, and layout of the content have the right impact on the viewer.

Improving Brand Image

Not every grand idea was born perfect. They will occur to you, live, grow and adapt to real conditions. Your brand’s face is no different. It has probably come a long way since its early days, and that’s a good thing. It’s a sign of improvement. The point is that everything else should also adapt to your brand image, including your brand advertising and your website.

A website redesign can help you bring your web presence in line with your overall brand image. Another more critical point: while change is good, you need to reach a point where you can remain consistent with your brand’s identity. So, think of your website redesign as an opportunity to take a step back and make sure your brand has a cohesive presence.

Money-Making, Money-Saving

Throwing money at short-term or Band-Aid solutions might sound exciting, but in the end, it’s not much different than pouring money down the drain. What really helps is a complete website redesign that allows you to get everything right from the start. Take the time to carefully examine your current website.

Look for ways to improve usability, site functionality, security vulnerabilities, browser compatibility, responsive design, and overall website performance. This will give you a surefire boost in conversion rate and revenue. And yes, you will pay the price for quality service, but you will earn more than you invested in the long run.

Improve Your Website Security

With the growing number of cyber threats and hidden risks lurking everywhere on the digital web, it’s critical for brands to ensure their security. The stakes here can be high, as it can compromise your personal data and that of your users. Therefore, website security is central to reliable business operations from both a user and brand perspective.

Customers want some sort of insurance when they purchase from your e-commerce website. They need to know that they are safe and that their credit card information is not being shared over an open connection for the whole world to see. Also, if your current website runs on an open-source platform, you need to update the core regularly to prevent malicious attacks.

Best Chance to Be Seen

Now a website redesign doesn’t guarantee that your website will be at the top of Google search results, but it can certainly help. You may have heard that revamp is catastrophic for your search engine rankings and traffic because you could change your domain name, subdomains, page-level optimization, and URL structure in the process.

But don’t worry, none of that is necessary. In fact, a website redesign can improve its appearance, conversion rate, and visitor experience. The new content basically tells the search engine that you are relevant. And keep in mind that a website redesign is a perfect opportunity to optimize your website’s performance with relevant keywords.

Redesigning a website can be challenging, especially if you are looking to do a comprehensive redesign of your web presence. Sometimes we see marketers inexperienced in search engine optimization (SEO) undertake a website refresh without having a strategy in mind. And unfortunately, in most cases, they do more harm than good. That’s why you should turn to a professional team that will redesign your website as efficiently as possible.

Bottom Line

Well, look no further. We’re right here! Let’s make it brief; it’s time to stop thinking and start designing. At MooCow Creative, we carefully work on every word and design element as hard as possible to ensure that your website proudly makes it past those first impressions. Get in touch today and let our team help the creative side of your business flourish.