When it comes to your company’s digital footprint, your website may be one of the first things they encounter. As such, a design that attracts customers while also sharing pertinent information about your business and creating a streamlined sales construct (for those that sell online) is essential.

Re-Designing Your Website can be a process fraught with tension, especially if you are not sure about what you want. But consider five reasons why you should consider doing it anyway.

Increase Site Traffic

One of the most common reasons that a company updates its website is to increase site traffic. This is akin to getting more people into a brick-and-mortar business. After all, your website is your digital presence, so the more people that spend time on it, the more this benefits your business.

Increasing site traffic is an essential part of creating more business through your online presence. Given the extent to which people use e-commerce to engage in shopping in the online environment, this is an element of the website that you cannot afford to overlook.

There are many reasons why redesigning your website might bring more site traffic. Perhaps the site is not easy to navigate as is, or perhaps it is not aesthetically-pleasing enough. What the reason for the need to engage in a re-design, the goal should always be to increase the traffic funneling through your site. This will ultimately benefit your business.

Enhance E-Commerce Functionality

Even those companies that did not start out taking advantage of e-commerce options online are now finding ways to use their web presence to make money. Why should your site be any different? Redesign your website to find a way to make it make money for you.

If you have existing e-commerce functions on your site already, then look for ways in the redesign to make them more functional. Perhaps the shopping cart icon on your site is not visible enough or the checkout process is clunky.

The easier you can make it for your customers to spend money on your site, the more likely it is that they will do so. This is especially true if you are selling tangible products. Creating an e-commerce platform that looks and performs professionally can only help your business to grow.

Make it SEO Friendly

It is hard for clients to patronize your company’s brand if they cannot find it. It is true that there is an art to search engine optimization (SEO) because of the rules by which you have to play. You need content specific to your business, locality and industry. At the same time, this content must be organic.

Search engines reward sites for both long-form content and quick hits. They make it easy to find sites that have keywords associated with what they sell or what the company’s core mission is. However, these are all considerations that have to be incorporated into the website. This requires keyword research to determine what your potential customers might be using for search terms when they try to find businesses like yours online.

Many companies either don’t realize this when they are setting up the website or don’t know how to do it. During a redesign, considering bringing in an SEO specialist to optimize your site. Once more customers begin locating your brand through online searches, you’ll be glad that you did.

Update Brand Messaging

Use the process of your website redesign to update brand messaging. After all, it is highly likely that this messaging has changed over time, as your business has grown and changed. Your website should reflect those changes and ensure that it communicates your brand message clearly.

Your brand should be reflected in every aspect of the website redesign, from the way your company logo is displayed to the verbiage found on the home page (since this is the first thing people see). You should also be prepared to communicate through the redesign of your brand’s mission and values on subsequent pages.

This will help them to become more familiar with what your company does and make more informed decisions about patronizing it. If need be, this is a good time to update other brand elements, such as the logo or other marketing materials. This way, you can create a cohesive design schematic with your website to make it look as though it works in harmony with one another.

Make It Look More Professional/Updated

Finally, you may simply want your company’s website to look more professional and updated. When your company first took off, you may not have had the means to hire a professional website design company to create a digital presence for your company that functioned well and looked good.

And even if you still don’t have a great deal of money to put towards this effort, chances are you have some resources to invest. This is the reason you would even be considering doing a redesign in the first place.

So take advantage of the enhanced knowledge you now have about what looks good on a company website and what does not. Consider how your website looks now and what you want from a redesign. It should look more streamlined, clean, well laid out and aesthetically-pleasing.

Gone are the days of websites that take forever to load because they are laden with 18 different Flash effects and a barrage of colors and sounds that assault the senses before you even know what website you are on. If you have a digital presence for your business in the form of a website, redesigning it means engaging in the kinds of industry standards of website design that ensure functionality and good design.

This is where hiring a professional to help can be beneficial. A professional website design company can help you to determine what you might need from a redesign and how to accomplish a successful pairing between your business and the digital interface that represents it.

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