Okay, so you are ready to build your own craft brewery. You have the recipe down, you are ready to bottle up your delicious brew, but you still aren’t quite sure what your brand logo is going to look like. Or maybe you are in the beginning stages of your dream business? That’s alright too! Wherever you are in the decision making process, MooCow Creative is ready to help. Here are some elements to include in your brand design!

  • Style: If you search up “beer logos”, hundreds of thousands of different logos will appear. No two will be the same! However, you could begin to group some into themes. For example, there are those like Pabst Blue Ribbon who has an emblem as their logo, and others like Maine Beer Company who chose more of a minimalist approach. There is no right answer for what theme to choose, but as you get farther into designing and figuring out who your brand is, your style will become more clear.
  • Font: As we said above, when you figure out what your brand’s values are, things will begin to come together. If you have a spunky brand with interesting flavors, maybe think about using a unique font that represents that. If you have a more traditional brand, use a script font in attempt to be aligned with the brand personality.
  • Color: Color, should you choose to implement it in your logo, can be as essential as the brand name itself. Many of the largest beer brands like to use the color red, possibly due to the reason that it signifies excitement and passion. But find what colors match your keywords. If your brand personality is more playful, try to use the color orange, or if your craft brew is more sophisticated, maybe try out purple since it symbolizes luxury.
  • Personality: Above all things, be sure that your brand logo is true to who YOU are and what you are envisioning. Consumers love to know who is behind the product! Think about your favorite brand. What makes them so special? You have a special connection with them through one of their aspects, whether it be location, values, anything! If it’s important to you, consumers will respect that, and might even value the same things! A few examples of this would be if you had a family pet that you loved, you could find a way to incorporate the dog’s face in the logo.