Welcome to our new blog series where we will be highlighting a Cincinnati-made brand, what product or service they offer, and how they are uniquely different when it comes to marketing!

Back in 1870, Louis Charles Graeter began selling their delicious ice cream from a small cart with his wife, Regina. After being widowed in 1920, Regina and her two sons started to expand the company by opening the Hyde Park location and overcame the many obstacles that came along with it, including survival of the great depression. Now, over 100 years later, Graeter’s ice cream can be found in grocery stores across the country and has 50 locations throughout the midwest.

So how has Graeter’s differentiated itself from other popular ice cream producers? They didn’t believe in cutting corners. When all of the other major ice cream producers discovered ways to mass-produce their recipes, Graeter’s stuck to their original form of creating: the French Pot process. Graeter’s Ice Cream is one of the only confectionaries that use this method, making it even more exclusive to Cincinnati! Now to this day, Graeter’s employees still handcraft and package each and every pint of ice cream from it’s Cincinnati location.

When it comes to branding and marketing of the Graeter’s company, this 150-year-old business has it down pat! Every Cincinnatian could draw a picture of their classic, sleek logo based on memory from passing locations on their way to work, or from childhood memories of enjoying sweet treats. Graeter’s has also expanded its product line to doughnuts, candies, coffee, and even a fashionable clothing line that includes hats, shirts, and pullovers to rep the Graeter’s name. This Cinci favorite shows no signs of slowing down, and we can only hope to one day see a Graeter’s location in every city in America.

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