Cincinnati is well-known for being a food lovers destination, especially when it comes to cuisine that was created in the city itself! Although many of the famous Cincy food has a history, this next featured brand has an interesting past!

In 1925, 12-year-old Bob Glier starts working for his uncle’s butcher shop which resided in Newport, Kentucky. While he enjoyed being at the shop, he also aspired to create his own goetta recipe. Goetta is a type of meat mixture originally created by Germans that emigrated to the Cincy area. For the next 12 years, Bob continued to try to make the perfect goetta, until he was called to battle in World War II with the US Air Corps. When he returned, Bob gets married and purchases his own storefront where he can invent and sell his own goetta. Soon after, the people of Northern Kentucky begin falling under the spell of delicious goetta, forcing Glier to expand into a larger factory in order to meet the USDA standards. Now, nearly one hundred years later, Bob Glier’s recipe for the perfect goetta has won over the hearts of not only Cincincinnatians but also millions of Americans across the nation that are able to grab a roll from their local grocer’s shelves. 

Glier’s Goetta has become one of the most well-known unique cuisines created in Cincinnati, but how did they get there? For one, the company always faced their issues head-on. Having resilience is a quality that brands must possess to withstand the tests of time, to which Glier ran into many! Another way Glier sprung into popularity recently is their Cincy famous Goetta Fest! The Glier’s Goetta Fest is a festival hosted on the levee that serves, you guessed it, massive amounts of goetta inspired foods! This family favorite event is full of live entertainment, goetta inspired games, and new inventive ways of implementing goetta into different foods, such as mac and goetta! This event is great exposure for the brand because although it does primarily serve goetta, those who are just attending to grab a drink with friends can try the product in different forms, and create new loyal customers. Glier’s Goetta continues to find new innovative ways to attract potential customers and strives each day to be the best that they can be as Bob Glier first did in 1925.