For many, going to the grocery store is a once a week chore for us to hustle around multiple aisles, trying to find the items that we need for the coming 7 days, only to return the next week to repeat the process. However, grocery shopping didn’t always look like this. In fact, in some countries, attending the market is a daily occurrence after work to pick up the ingredients needed for dinner, and tomorrow’s breakfast. That is how Cincinnatians of the 19th century completed their lists!

In 1793, James Findlay, 23, and his wife Jane settled in the city of Cincinnati because they saw the potential that it held, given the population had spiked from 1,000 in 1804, to 160,000 in 1860. Before Findlay was known for his popular market, he always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He and his brother had opened up a small shop that was popular with the locals. He also at one point was the mayor of Cincinnati since he had a great sense of leadership. However, before he had all of his riches to start his business, Findlay was called to service two years  after his mayoral candidacy and commanded a regiment near Detroit, during which he was taken prisoner by British troops. After doing so, he was elected a U.S. Senator, and the Governor of Pennsylvania. After returning from these endeavors, Findlay purchased a plot of land on the Northern side of Cincinnati on a street called, “The Northern Liberties”, a street that featured bars, saloons, gambling houses, dance halls, and other institutions that were not tolerated in the city of Cincinnati. From that point on, the market became wildly successful and loved by those from near and far.

So what do we love about Findlay Market? Honestly, whats not to love about Findlay Market?! The atmosphere of the market is almost magical. You can visit so many different cultures of food and beverage, without even leaving the block. This space creates amazing memories, whether you are alone, or if you are with your family. On the marketing side of the business, we love the consistency of posts on their Facebook page! Even with COVID, Findlay has been excellent with creating posts that relate to the consumer, and meeting them where they are at when it comes to social distancing or restrictions. Plus, it gives their 66,000 followers a daily reminder of what the market is up to, promotions that are being ran, and anything else relevant to the brand. Although posting this often isn’t the answer for many brands due to their target audience, your brand can always try out a week where there is a post every day, and then a different schedule the next week where there is a post scheduled every other day. Find what your target market loves, and go with it!