If there is anything that connects a good majority of the population, it’s coffee. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, this delicious bean is where their passion for business begins. The Cincinnati area is notoriously known for being the home of coffee lovers, so naturally, the coffee shops follow! One of the most well-known coffeehouses has been around for less than ten years and has already won over the hearts of many. 

Carabello Coffee didn’t start with two caffeinated pros that have always known the ins and outs of the delicious bean. Rather, Emily and Justin Carabello had their love at first sight with coffee roasted on a hot air popcorn popper after visiting a friend’s house. Soon after, they began with eight pounds of beans and started the path of philanthropy by asking friends if they wanted coffee, and the rest is history. Shortly following their start, they discovered the somewhat ugly truth to many popular coffee brands when it comes to ethical sourcing. From that point on, the Carabello Coffee company would be intentional, honest, and knowledgeable about who they were purchasing beans from, and how those people were compensated. Not only did they want to ensure fair trade coffee to their customers, but more importantly, to know that the employees personally harvesting the coffee beans were being paid fair wages, so their communities and families were able to provide for their loved ones. Emily and Justin also took the extra step in their business by educating each employee about coffee and how they source it, so they could properly talk with the customers. Now, Carabello has welcomed and served much of the Cincinnati/Covington community, and its visitors from all across the nation. Since its opening in 2009, they have continued to expand and grow their shop from exciting ideas, including its most recent addition of an analog bar, where you can order specialty drinks made right in front of you. 

Although they only have one location currently, Carabello Coffee has become incredibly successful with its business model, which is focusing more on the customer as a person than the coffee itself. Now, this isn’t to say that their coffee isn’t top-notch, but since the beginning of their endeavors, the number one goal of Carabello Coffee is to bring people together. In order to be successful as a business in today’s world, Corporate Social Responsibility must be an important aspect of who the business is. People want to support companies that are doing good in the world and for Carabello, there is no shortage of goodwill in their business model. For starters, Emily and Justin are constantly visiting the farm at which the beans are grown and learn about who each employee is. Creating great tasting coffee is a priority, but continuing the growth and improvement of the farm as a business and its employees matter more. They took a leap of faith by dropping everything to follow their dreams, and now they are able to do what they love most for a living: helping others and uniting people together.