Get started in marketing ASAP with these quick tips. These will hopefully inspire your small business marketing journey. 

  1. Start With One Platform: Just starting? Focus on one social media platform to showcase your brand well. Make one platform the center of attention, build it up, and then when it is established, you can then try another social media platform. 
  2. Snackable Content: The average attention span is 8 seconds. Depending on who your audience is, snackable content is a great way to capture the attention of your followers. This usually includes either a short, 6 to 10-second video or eye-catching pictures with short captions. Short text posts, great images, and simple videos all qualify. 
  3. Plan Your Posts Ahead: Create a posting calendar to make it easier on yourself. Plan out specifically how many posts you will have per week, and what each will look like. This will make the process of putting your business on social media easier. Use Hootsuite or Buffer to help with the process! 
  4. Watch Your Competitors: Paying attention to your competitors and their postings can help you determine what might work for your business as well. This will ultimately help create better, more unique posts for your business and draw in more loyal customers.
  5. Google My Business: Just over 90% of the worldwide population uses Google, so utilizing the search engine as a platform for business is essential to attracting new customers. Google My Business is easy to sign-up for and will boost your business SEO. Click here to find a link to set up the account. 
  6. Convey Persona: When your customer visits your page, they should automatically feel the presence that your brand offers. Whether you want the vibe of adventure, youth, comfort, anything: your website, social media, and any outlet for communication should feel like you and your brand.

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