Have you been interested in creating your own brew of beer? Or maybe you just like to see what other brands found their inspiration for their design? Here are 6 creative logos that could help you get a better idea of how to create your own logo.

  • Rhinegeist Brewery: Rhinegeist is a Cincinnati-owned brewery that started in 2013 and the owners wanted to make sure that they included the heritage of the city. In its early years, Cincy was primarily populated with German immigrants, hence the name Rhinegeist from Over the Rhine! As for their logo, each beer has a skull featured just below the name, and the colors of the can are minimal, but effective. The name pops in contrast, and there is instant recognition.
  • Elysian Brewing: Started in Seattle, Elysian is now over 20 years old and has created over 500 different recipes of brews. This brand likes to think out of the box when it comes to recipes, such as their pumpkin brew. As for their logos, each beer has the Elysian brand name featured, but the design is coherent with the flavors in the bottle. Our personal favorite is Space Dust for its cartoon-like features. If you were to step in front of your local grocer’s beer section, Space Dust and its packaging would most definitely stand out!
  • Miller Lite: Since 1975, Miller Lite has charmed many consumers with its classic look of red, gold, and blue. Not only have the colors stayed consistent, but so has the original recipe. Miller Lite is a brand that has earned its recognition in stores, which proves that consistency is key.
  • Great Lakes Brewing Company: Made in Ohio since the 80s, Great Lakes Brewing Company is, in our opinion, the most eye-catching design. Each beer has its own “character” on the front. All of the designs seem to come from the same storybook, which is what makes it so easy to recognize that it is a Great Lakes brew. Using the same style, or even a graphic designer can help you achieve this goal!
  • Maine Beer Company: This brewery is the most unique on our list because of how minimal their design is. Featuring less than 20 words on the white label, the design is straight to the point. Minimalism is becoming more and more popular in brands now, so it is only fitting that your eye would be drawn to such a simplistic design.
  • Guinness: The most notable aspect of Guinness’ design has to be the harp. Although their site never officially mentions why there is a “legendary harp” featured on each can since the early 1900s, the consumer is aware that this harp is equal to the Guinness name. If there is something sentimental or a symbol that you would like your brand to represent, add it to your design! It lets the consumer in on who you are, and what you value.