Going live on Facebook can seem intimidating at first, especially since it takes some getting used to when speaking directly to your customers. Not to worry, here are 5 tips for going live on Facebook, and how to prepare for the stream.

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5 Tips for going live on Facebook:

  • Have a “Schedule”: Do you have a specific idea of what you want to happen in the live stream? Plan out by minute or time what should be happening. For example, the first few minutes can be the introduction, the next 5 minutes can be general chat, etc.
  • Layout Topics: Unless each minute of the stream is planned out, there is a good chance that there will be a few seconds of space where nothing will be said. Fill this time in with prepared topics to prevent that gap space and keep the flow of the live stream going.
  • Set Up Environment: Although it may not be the focal point of what is happening, the environment that you are in can be just as important as the stream itself! Make sure that you are in a quiet, uninterrupted area where you will be able to concentrate fully on the stream.
  • Promote: Prior to going live, perhaps a day out, post a status of when the live stream is being held and what will be talked about. This will help build anticipation for the stream and bring in more viewers, rather than just popping on and having little to no followers aware that you are streaming.
  • Build Relationships: During the stream, it is important to stay engaged with those watching. Read what people are saying, do your best to address everyone, and after the live stream is over, thank everyone either in the comments or on a separate post for joining. This will let your followers that you are grateful for them and will give them a sense of belongingness.

Going live on Facebook may seem intimidating at first, but these tips will help you conquer your fear, and create an awesome live stream for your followers!