There is no doubt that breweries are becoming increasingly more popular. In fact, the number of breweries in the United States has quadrupled since 2008! So how can you more effectively market your brewery to stand out from the others without breaking the bank?

  • Email List: With the proper setup and execution, an email list is an extremely cost-effective way to reach your already established customer base. You have the ability to create a newsletter with general information such as events or important details, while also being able to promote new products or deals without ever having to leave the computer desktop. Be sure to find interesting ways for new customers to sign up, such as a pop up when they visit the site or even a clipboard near check out. Not sure where to start? MooCow Creative and its professionals are here to help!
  • Social Media Presence: No matter who your target market is, having a social media presence is essential to remaining in contact with your customers! If you are more of a young and hip brewery trying to attract younger people, check out starting Instagram and Snapchat accounts! You are more likely to see more interaction on these platforms. On the other hand, if you are looking to attract more of the mature audience, Facebook is definitely where you should be contacting your customers. While focusing more on the platforms that attract your target market, if you are able to, try to have a presence on the most used platforms. However, be sure to not sacrifice quality for quantity! Create an excellent account on one platform, and then start adding others on one by one.
  • Influencers: One of the newest methods of marketing is the use of local influencers to promote your product. This is actually one of the cheaper promotions since usually influencers are “paid” by being given products to review. Influencers have followers that trust what they review and expect to hear their honest opinion, so if your product is great, your review from the influencer should be great!
  • Loyalty Program: Many popular grocery stores around the U.S. have learned that the usage of loyalty programs increases the number of sales drastically. The customer likes to be rewarded, so a loyalty program is a great solution. The program can be as simple as a punch card every time they purchase a drink, or it could be more detailed and you could create an app that the customer uses on their phone.
  • Host Events: Our last tip is one that many breweries partake in multiple times per month. Events are incredibly successful within the brewery field, so much so that many breweries gain new customers from them! People enjoy trying new places, and a special event is a great way to introduce your brand to others.