With the current state of the nation, it can be hard to make lasting impressions when in-person sales are simply not possible. Here are our five tips on how to reach out effectively to potential customers online.

  • Facebook Lead Ads: Lead ads allow you to collect information from potential customers. For example, an advertisement featuring information about your business, pleasing pictures, and an option to subscribe to a newsletter or submit information for a quote with the click of a button. This not only helps new customers discover you but also gives them a way to give you their information and get in your sales pipeline. Spend lightly here during the outbreak then up your budget here in a few months. 
  • Google Ads: With Google Ads, you are able to specifically target who you want to see your ad, and where. Keywords give you the ability to show your ads when potential customers search for similar products or topics. Google also lets you decide how much you would like to spend on ads in order to be flexible with your budget. We’d recommend doing a smaller budget here during the COVID-19 crisis, then amping it up once the quarantine is lifted. 
  • Facebook Live Q&A: A live Facebook Q&A opens up the opportunity for your followers to ask questions and get real-time responses. This really opens up communication between you and your audience because it shows the personality of your business without having to leave the building. It also allows you to easily keep your customers and potential customers up to date about what is coming next.
  • Weekly Blog Posting: Blogs, in general, create more website traffic and SEO traction. It is recommended to post 3 to 5 times a month, or once a week. This will guarantee more new visitors to your site, and will create content for regular visitors to browse through when checking in and will increase customer loyalty by learning through blogs what is important to your business. If you don’t know what to start writing, try to start by using a single blog post to answer a FAQ your customers ask you. These will be helpful for SEO and potential customers.
  • Weekly LinkedIn Posting: By posting engaging articles, or posts about your business, potential customers and other companies will learn about what you have achieved or what you plan on doing in the future. The topic options are endless. An important thing to remember when posting is to make sure that if you have a visual with the article or post, the picture must stand out and interest those scrolling past it. Ask yourself, what would you would want to read about from your business? LinkedIn is a great place to win right now!

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