Back in February, we created a post that highlighted the best coworking spaces in the Cincinnati area. Some of which included Fueled Collective in Rookwood, and Borderlands in Newport. But what is it that makes coworking spaces so great? Why should you consider joining one?

  • Networking: Chances are, likeminded people similar to you will be just a few tables over working on their own project! Sure, you are able to network with people in your own business, but gaining outside perspective from others that may not even be in your field is a game changer! Yes, you are most likely on LinkedIn with hundreds of connections, but you can never have too many, right?
  • Increased Productivity: When we wrote the initial coworking blog, COVID-19 had not yet reached the United States. Now, over 8 months later, many have opted to work from home. The only issue with this is constantly being distracted by chores, children, and a pantry full of snacks! Working in an environment other than home is extremely beneficial because you left your house to do one thing: crank out some work!
  • Cost Efficient: As with many other aspects of society, brick and mortar locations are fading away. Companies are now finding with remote working, less employees are in the physical location, and if they are, its only for a couple of days! Just another reason why enrolling with a coworking space perfectly fits the everchanging society. With certain spaces, you and your business can choose to rent an office for however many days you need it! So no more worrying about wasting money when it comes to renting your workspace!
  • Features: Aside from being able to efficiently complete your work in a beautiful office, each coworking space is unique in its own way! Some may have a gym included in the membership, or beer taps, even lunch service! The perfect coworking space for you is out there. Go find it, and crank out all of that work!