The logo: the first thing that a potential customer sees before becoming interested in what it is that you do. How can you build a well-thought, attractive logo that will perfectly encapsulate what your company does?

  • Font: Although it seems minuscule, deciding the type of font your brand will use helps set the stage of what personality your brand has. Serif fonts are more classic and timeless, and Sans Serif fonts are modern and clean.
  • Match audience: You have a certain target market that you sell your product to, wouldn’t you want them to like it? Match your logo to what the audience likes. For example, if you market to the younger crowd, go for a more eccentric look.
  • Know your style: Each logo has a style, such as mascots, geometric shapes, or handcrafted. Be intentional with the style you choose, and check if it matches with your product or service that you offer. If you sell a fun product like donuts, maybe a mascot would work well with your logo.
  • Color: Despite seeming like such a small detail, color can be one of the most important aspects of a logo. Red can symbolize excitement for a youthful brand, while blue is calming and represents maturity. Whatever colors you choose to pursue, make sure that they match your brand personality.

These 4 qualities will help you design your brand’s perfect logo. Questions? Contact us at (513) 854-8622.