Have a listing on #Airbnb and want more rentals? I made this list of 26 marketing ideas to help inspire you this year!

  1. Start an Instagram account – You’ll see an epic job done from @theboxhop
  2. Exchange stay for a blogger/YouTuber to come to visit and promote your location.
  3. Setup a website. Try Wix or Squarespace to get started. (Allows for more listings in the long term)
  4. Join rental forums and comment, a great way to get a name out there and learn. Add in a link to your site now and then for a backlink.
  5. Get listed on local tourism sites. Google search for them and then ask to be linked onto their site. Most will gladly oblige.
  6. Print material, business cards, postcards, flyers, magazine. Then take that print material and place it in your rental location. This will offer a better experience and get you more five-star reviews.
  7. Swag at the location. Offer a cool koozie or hat or something made local. People will love you for it and will talk about you.
  8. Get special offers from local restaurants for your guests, and in turn, ask for special offers from those other companies.
  9. Submit photos of your property to design blogs. If you have a baller location and design that is!
  10. Optimize your listing’s profile – update it whenever you make a change in the location you should take new photos.
  11. FB ads. These will help you get known and will help extend your brand. If you have a website, send them directly to your site.
  12. Google ads. Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals is searched 19,000 times per month. You could be bidding on that keyword and sending people straight to your location’s website or listing. Start now.
  13. Facebook Page. Start one yesterday and post photos from your location and post photos that people post about your spot.
  14. Find local news companies and pitch a story. Connect with newscasters on twitter or linkedin and pitch them a cool story.
  15. Be a back-up for hotels. Reach out to local hotels and ask them if when they get overbooked, would they refer your location (s)
  16. Youtube account. Start taking more videos and make them live asap!
  17. Be a good AirBNBer – stock the place, clean the place, etc – respond quickly. Reviews = more business.
  18. Make your place talkable, talk triggers, other people will want to stay. Do something in your location that is weird, cool and talkable. Read “Talk Triggers” by Jay Baer.
  19. Hire a better photographer. If your photos are from your iphone it’s time to change to a pro. photographer.
  20. ASK for reviews. Use a postcard, a letterboard or some cool way to ask. They will give them to you and if you offer a great service, then you will get tons of reviews.
  21. Price your place right. Price is one of the Ps of marketing that matters the most.
  22. Aim to reach the super host level. Once you reach the “super host level” Airbnb values you most and will push you most.
  23. Pinterest. Always be pinning your images, people will land on your listing more often!
  24. Giveaways. Try a giveaway and share 2 nights in your space for a winner. Do it on Instagram or a local non-profit auction, up to you on how, but it will be a good way to garner more good connections. Try King Sumo and gather their email address while you are at it.
  25. Google my business. Get your location on Google My Business asap and get your listing viewed more often.
  26. Facebook group. Start a Facebook group with the people who have stayed at your location! They will talk about how much they love it and that will push them to go back and visit more.